Monday, 20 June 2011

That's not a flash, THIS is a flash

Ever wanted a bit of fill flash on that aeroplane you are flying alongside?  Or overpower the sun that on that luxury yacht cruising the harbor?  Well Claes Axstål has a just the rig to get the job done!  Although the article doesn't really talk about the set-up for specific photos it does mention shooting medium format with leaf shutter to get a higher sync speed (Mamiya 645DF) and lighting with twin Profoto 7b heads with Magnum reflectors for power and short flash duration.  Check out the "Claes Axstål Challenges the Sun" post on on the Profoto blog for more details and some amazing photos.
via strobist

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Unknown said...

Thanks for mention! There is now a new link to the Profoto blog article: Cheers from Sweden!