Monday, 12 October 2009

2010 Redbubble Calendars

My 2010 Calendars are now for sale on Redbubble! I've got 4 different calendars for sale this year with the New Zealand Landscapes and a Still Life calendars new this year!

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Yongnuo 2.4 GHz flash triggers (RF-602)

This is just a quick post to say that my Yongnuo 2.4 GHz triggers last week and they are great! I haven't yet used them for an actual shoot but I've done some quick tests.
These remotes are designed as wireless triggers for either a camera shutter or a flash and because the operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency the seem to avoid a lot of the interference problems that some other flash triggers have. In the wireless flash flash trigger market there is now a wide variety of options from cheap 'ebay'/GI/Cactus triggers (with various levels even in this category) to the expensive pocket wizards. These triggers fit into the top end of the 'ebay' triggers, they cost a bit more than most in this category but seem to have good reliability. There is a very long thread with loads of info in the Strobist flickr group if you want to read more.

So my first quick test was to plug some things in and see how they work. My test camera was a Canon 50D and my flashes were Canon 430EX, Nikon SB-24 and Nikon SB-25 which were fired against a white wall. I did not have any misfires with any of the flashes and I was able to get full sync at 1/250 (the 50D's max sync speed) with all flashes, when I went to 1/320 I got a black line (shutter curtain) at the bottom of the frame. The triggers were also able to keep up with continuous shoot at 6.3 fps, I only tested short bursts but I figure the flash is going to run out of power first anyway.

My second test was try remotely firing the camera, there's not much to report here except that it work. I haven't tested the half press autofocus thing yet because I'd have to chance my custom functions to allow a half press to do autofocus.

That's about all I have to report for now, I may add some details later with some pics but it seems I finally have a set of reliable triggers for not too much $$ which is exciting, particularly since I've been taking on some paid gigs.


In other news, I may have started up yet another blog that I won't have time to update, it is all about food and till I find a better name it's called "Will's food ideas", creativity was never my strong suit. Anyway, hope to bring you some more posts soon!