Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Adobe updates

Adobe has been showing off some pretty nice new image processing software recently, with a new beta version of Lightroom 3 and a sneak preview of Photoshop CS5!

I've just downloaded the beta 2 version of Lightroom 3 and will hopefully have a look soon but the items of most interest are the tethered shooting and the new improved noise reduction feature.  I hope they are as good as they say.  More LR3 info here, here and here (and many other places).

Adobe is really plugging a new feature of CS5 called "Content-Aware Fill" which analyses the background image and provides kinda of intelligent fill when using things like the heal tool and as an option when something is deleted.  It can also be used to fill in the surrounds of an image such as a panorama, looks pretty useful and will make touching up images MUCH faster.  There's a great preview video here.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New QuantumFilm Image Sensors

Just saw this article about a new type of QuantumFilm image sensor by Invisageinc that could replace CMOS!!  It looks pretty amazing and will apparently be in cell/mobile phone camera by the end of the year!