Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas pressies!

As we are all well aware, Christmas is looming fast and the race is on to find gifts for everyone. While I'm sure I'm not the only one that's a bit over all the Christmas marketing hype, it'd be silly not to take this opportunity to give you a few nice, unique, artistic gift ideas (and if it helps I can beg and plead as well . . . ).

The quality of Redbubble cards is fantastic and they are excellent value as well so it's not surprising they are my best sellers (thanks Mum)! But if you are looking for a vibrant unique Christmas (or any other occasion) card then this is a great place to start! Order some now!


There are a variety of options if you are want one of my photos as an art print, the easiest one is to go through Redbubble who have a large variety of print formats, or if you want something a little more specific (or just a bigger print) then I can probably arrange something for you. With Redbubble you can order; framed prints, canvases, mounted prints, laminated prints and posters. If you want a custom job then I can arrange canvas prints or photo prints mounted on a foam core backing. I've ordered canvas prints of both the images shown below, the bottom one from Redbubble and top at 1.2m wide from Brilliant prints and both look excellent. Order from Redbubble or contact me for custom prints.

2010 Calendars

The Redbubble calendars are fantastic and I've just finished putting together another one of the Sandy Point area (show to the right). It gives you the chance to have a new photo displayed on your wall every month and at the end of the year you've got 12 photos to do what you like with. I actually cut up my old calendar and stuck the photos up around my desk at work (my day job that is) to bring a little tranquility to my day. RedBubble calendars are printed on high quality satin art paper (A3 - 297x420mm)and have a hanger and white wire binding along the top. Free shipping on calendars if you order 3 or more!
Check out my calendars here.

Christmas shopping deadline

For all the Redbubble products listed above you need to order by 17 December if you want them before Christmas!

I think there are links to all the various products or sites but if I missed anything, here's my Redbubble store/site or you can contact me through my web site if you want something special.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

New Zealand - Dec 08

Those that know me would have heard me dreaming about a trip to New Zealand for years and years, particularly after falling in love with REAL mountains in Canada, and in December last year a few things came together to make it possible at last! Basically we started in Christchurch with a hire car and 7 days to get to Dunedin and managed to fit in a nice little tour of a small part the South Island.

In brief we headed straight for the West coast via Arthur's pass, headed down the west coast, across to Wanaka, then Queenstown and on to Dunedin to fly out.

Christchurch cathedral:

Road out of Christchurch:

Kura Tawhiti (Castle Rock):

Just before hitting Arthur's pass:

Beach at Okarito:

Lake Matherson:

Thunder falls (great name!):

Lake Wanaka:

Drift wood:

Obligatory sheep photo:

For those that are interested, my gear for this trip was:
  • Canon 50D
  • Tamron 17-50 mm
  • Canon 10-22 mm
  • Canon 100 mm macro
  • Canon 430EX
  • Manfrotto 785B Modo tripod
  • Lowepro slingshot backpack
  • Macbook black + portable hard drive
  • Polarising filter, gels, flash triggers, batteries, etc.